KBH-GPH seminar series in Migrant Health Research:

Migrant Health Research:

“Contraceptive use among migrants in Sweden and Uganda- how could the results be interpreted?”


Ritah Bakesiima, PhD student: 

”Modern contraceptive use among female refugee adolescents in Northern Uganda: prevalence and associated factors” (manuscript)

Karin Emtell Iwarsson, PhD student:

“Contraceptive use among migrant, second-generation migrant and non-migrant women seeking abortion care: a descriptive crosssectional study conducted in Sweden”. BMJ Sex Reprod Health, 2019

Organizer: WHO Collaborating Centre, KBH 

Date: September 21, 15:30 - 17:00

Register with Karin Emtell Iwarsson at the latest September 16  and please inform if you will attend irl or via zoom. karin.emtell.iwarsson@ki.se  

Zoom (opens 15.20):  https://ki-se.zoom.us/j/68940938450?pwd=U0VDZGJoTWZ4eDlQa2QzdUdIU09yQT09 


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