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Fixit it-support KBH

Together with 2 other KI departments KBH has created the IT-support FixIT

Please note that FixIT has moved office.
New visitor, post and delivery address is Widerströmska huset, elevator 1, floor 5,
Tomtebodavägen 18A, S-171 77 Stockholm.

For all kinds of IT support, send an e-mail to FixIT:

Jobel Teklebrhan, IT-technician
Jan Bergman, IT-technician


Find the Rules for computer purchases  at KBH intranet

For software licenses, contact Britt Masironi


IT issues at the Department are handled by a separate board

Members of the IT board

Håkan Eriksson, chairman
Jobel Teklebrhan
Jan Bergman
Britt Masironi
Mikael Reimeringer
Sandra Brogårde

Notes from the IT-board meetings (in Swedish, at KBH intranet)