Health-related quality of life and needs of care and support among cancer patients in East Africa

The project examines health-related quality of life and explores needs of care and support among cancer patients in East Africa.

Project description

An established instrument (EORTC QLQ-C30) for measurement of health-related quality of life has been translated to Luganda language (spoken by a large proportion of Ugandans), and culturally adapted to the Ugandan context. The instrument has been completed by 385 patients, cared for at Uganda Cancer Institute during 2019.

Focus group interviews and individual interviews will also be performed to investigate needs of care and support among patients with cancer in Uganda.

The collected quantitative and qualitative data will be analyzed using a mixed-methods study design. Nursing Chief Officer at the Uganda Cancer Institute, Allen Naamala, is a doctoral student in the project and registered at Makerere University, Kampala.

Principle Investigator

Lena Wettergren


Allen Naamala

Lars E Eriksson 

Jackson Orem

Zarina Nahar Kabir

Gorrette Nalwadda


African Development Bank

Erik and Edith Fernströms Foundation

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