Cancer Research Translational Seed Funding has been granted to Anna Nilsson and Klas Blomgren.

The project should represent a novel genuine collaboration between two scientists: one from the field of basic cancer research and the other from the field of clinical cancer research. The two scientists should in a joint and collaborative format attack an important problem in translational cancer research, where the unique and complementary expertise from the two applicants is required to solve the research question.

After external reviewing and hard competition two of KBHs researchers, Lecturer Anna Nilsson and Professor Klas Blomgren, were granted funding enabling them to begin their collaborations.

Photo: Johanna Furuhjelm

Klas Blomgren will, in collaboration with Christer Betsholtz  Professor in vascular and tumour biology, study how to prevent side effects after cancer treatments in children with brain tumours.

MD, Lecturer Anna Nilsson

Anna Nilsson will, in collaboration with Martin Enge Assistant Professor in Department of Oncology-Pathology, assess the effects of chemotherapy on normal T– and B cells during induction therapy in children with ALL. Protecting cancer patients from infections will improve overall survival and re-immunisation is important to reduce late infectious complications.


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