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Interested in collaborating with industry and external organizations? Apply now!

Karolinska Institutet aspires to stimulate and increase collaboration with society. This call is designed to increase mobility of academics with relevant external organizations by providing funding for professional internships.

The PAUS project (Personrörlighet för Akademin med Utbildningsfokus och Studentmedverkan) provides personal mobility opportunities for seven Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs), whereby you as an employee can spend part of your working time at an external organization.

During 2018 four KI-employees had the opportunity to gain experience of working at another organization that provided new opportunities relevant to their roles at KI (see below)

The second round of proposals is now open – take your chance!

The PAUS project:

  • Enables all employees - teachers, researchers, technical and administrative staff - to perform a short-term assignment in a company or organization outside academia, in order to bring new knowledge and new perspectives to education, research or other activities at KI.
  • Creates added value for both parts through establishing new collaborative opportunities, such as degree projects and research collaborations.
  • Encourages staff mobility as a part of the overall university strategic collaborative capacity.


The application is open to all KI employees (teachers, researchers, technical and administrative staff). KI encourages applicants to utilize the opportunity to start new collaborations with external organizations, as well as strengthen existing collaborations with partners.

The assignment should:

  • Enrich collaboration between KI and the receiving organization.
  • Be well defined and part of the daily operations of the receiving organization, i.e. the suggested assignment should not be presented as a separate assignment solely for PAUS.
  • Be challenging and give the applicant the possibility to develop their competences and acquire new skills.

The applicant is responsible for contacting the organization of his or her interest.


Approval of proposal applications will be made by the SKISS project steering committee, and according to fulfillment of the defined criteria:

  1. The benefit for KI within education, research and/or other KI activities.
  2. The establishment of a new collaboration or how an ongoing collaboration will be strengthened by the applicant’s participation in the PAUS project.

In the assessment, consideration will be given as to how the overall initiative reflects the breadth of KI activities.

Scope and timeframe

One assignment is equivalent to 20% of full-time employment over a maximum six months period.
The assignment at the receiving organization is recommended to take place at least one day a week. However, two or more days a week could be necessary in the initial stage.
The assignment can also be performed in an organization abroad. In this case, alternative arrangements should be discussed. The timeframe for the assignment is: September 2019 – February 2020.


There is funding for four assignments, to be co-financed by KI and Vinnova. Individual KI departments will be reimbursed for the amount covering salary (including LKP and INDI), and potential travel costs up to a maximum of 160 000 SEK per selected candidate. There will be no compensation given to the receiving organization.

Documentation and follow-up

Learnings and experiences from this programme will be shared between the participating PAUS project HEIs, the receiving parties, as well as the researchers / teachers / staff who have been selected.

The selected applicants and the contact persons at the collaborative organization are expected to share their experiences through presentations, surveys and participation in interview meetings.


This application will be open between March 4 and April 4, 2019.

The application should not be longer than 2 pages (A4 and font size 12p) and should contain:

  • A short description of the applicant’s current work at KI (research project, education responsibilities, administration tasks).
  • A description of the applicant’s current external collaboration and an explanation of the extra values a participation in the project could bring to research and/or education (at all levels from undergraduate to postgraduate) and/or to the administration at KI.
  • A description of how the applicant’s competence will contribute to the receiving organizations work/activities and the planned assignment.
  • Description of how KI as an organization will benefit from the experiences gained during the exchange period


  • CV, max 2 pages (font size 12 p)
  • A written confirmation from the external organization explaining their interest in participating, a short description of the planned assignment, and who will be the contact person at the organization
  • A written approval by the manager/head of department where the applicant is currently working
  • Complete applications should be submitted online at the KI collaboration portal (click on the text to get the link).

Admission decision will be sent by email by April 29 2019 at the latest.

PAUS personal mobility awardees, autumn 2018:

  • Nina Bandmann, University Administration. Collaboration with Life Science office at Swedish Government
  • Stefano Bonacina, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics. Collaboration with Swedish Standards Institute
  • Mia von Knorring, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics. Collaboration with Stockholms läns sjukvårdsområde (SLSO) in English Stockholm Health Care Services, Stockholm County Council).
  • Torbjörn Vestberg, Department of Clinical Neuroscience. Collaboration with Derome AB.

Read more about the awardees from 2018

The project PAUS is part of the umbrella project SKISS - Stärka KI:s Strategiska Samverkanskapacitet - a project designed to strengthen the strategic collaboration capacity at KI.

Anethe Mansén, Career Service
Project leader PAUS

Kerstin Lundin, Grants Office
Project leader SKISS


Anethe Mansen

Telefon: 08-524 863 76
Enhet: Student- och karriärservice