Unit of Work Environment Toxicology

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Our research ranges from basic, mechanistic research in cell systems, over computer modeling and applied research with human volunteers to practical applications.

The aim is to explore areas central to toxicological risk assessment, with focus on the work environment, indoor air and chemical disasters. One theme is acute effects and toxicokinetics, another concerns the physiological role of the Ah-receptor.

The research areas are:

  • Human exposure chamber: toxicokinetics and subtle acute effects
  • Toxicity models: PBPK, dermal uptake, population models, dose-response, QSAR
  • The physiological role of the Ah receptor: in vitro and clinical studies

Expert Committees

We participate in a number of expert committees that evaluate chemical hazards in the workplace as well as releases during chemical accidents. Evaluations are performed on national and international basis in close collaboration with other Swedish, Nordic, European and American experts.

Head of Unit


Gunnar Johanson

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 877 52
Organizational unit: Work Environment Toxicology
E-mail: Gunnar.Johanson@ki.se


Research groups


Unit members

Anna-Karin AlexandrieAssociated
Ulrika CarlanderAssociated
Mishra DwivediPhD student
Lena ErnstgårdSenior researcher
Koustav GangulySenior researcher
Gunnar JohansonProfessor
Anneli JulanderSenior researcher
Stephanie Anja JuranResearch assistant
Jill JärnbergAssociated
Jolinde KettelarijPhD student
Maria LagreliusPhD student
Carola LidénProfessor emeritus
Johnny LorentzenAssociate professor
Klara MidanderAssistant professor
Nicole PalmenAssociated
Agneta RannugProfessor emeritus
Joakim RingblomAssociated
Linda SchenkAssistant professor
Bengt SjögrenSenior researcher
Urban SvedbergSenior researcher
Tania Ahalya ThimrajAssociated
Emma VincentAssociated
Carolina VogsPostdoc
Mattias ÖbergSenior researcher



Gunnar Johanson

Anneli Julander

Lena Palmberg