Unit of Molecular Toxicology

Our research aims to identify and characterize molecular and biochemical processes that are induced by exposure to toxic substances including engineered nanomaterials. We are also engaged in studies of the process of inflammation and in cancer research.

The inflammation research focuses on mechanisms of clearance of apoptotic cells (programmed cell clearance) and implications for the resolution of inflammation.

Our nanotoxicological research focuses on the elucidation of mechanisms underlying toxicity of engineered nanomaterials and 2D materials including graphene, with a particular focus on hazardous effects on the immune system.

We are also engaged in the study of nanomaterials for drug delivery in cancer treatment (nanomedicine).

Our research has a strong international dimension, with participation in international research consortia funded by the European Commission (including the 10-year GRAPHENE Flagship project) as well as the national MISTRA Environmental Nanosafety consortium.

Head of Unit

Unit members

Guotao Peng

Affiliated to research

Tomas Malina

Postdoctoral researcher

Jasreen Kaur

Postdoctoral researcher

Thanpisit Lomphithak

Affiliated to research


  • Swedish Research Council
  • Swedish Cancer Foundation
  • Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (MISTRA)
  • European Commission (Horizon 2020, Future Emerging Technologies/FET)

EU Projects


FET-Graphene Flagship


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National Nanosafety Platform

Handling of Nanomaterials