Unit of Intervention and Implementation Research for Worker Health

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The aim of our research programme is to explore and understand the association between the working environment and health. The research focuses on prevention, rehabilitation and health economics. The unit holds funding for a 6-year programme for developing health promoting methods for the occupational health service.

The research focuses specifically on psychosocial factors in working life and health such as bullying, leadership and systematic measurements of the work environment and health. The work is primarily based on work-related ill-health leading to production loss, absenteeism and decreased working capacity. Therefore, the work is performed in close collaboration with other stakeholders, such as the occupational health services, unions, and employers in the private industry, municipalities and counties.

The research is interdisciplinary, with researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds such as biomedicine, behavioral science, public health, economics, statistics and epidemiology.

Our main research areas are,

  • Psychosocial work-related health and disease
  • Development and evaluation of methods for rehabilitation and health prevention
  • Health economy
  • Epidemiological research on back and neck pain
  • Intervention and Implementation science

Our studies show that investment in health and improvements of work capacity strongly relates to productivity in organizations that have a low staff turnover and a stable organization. The results of our research also show that there is potential to improve the productivity through improvement of work capacity in firms with high mobility. Companies with the least health-related activities exhibit even better potential for increased productivity in comparison with companies that have more health-related activities. There are great benefits from investing in better occupational health both from an individual, business and societal perspective. In particular if we are considering to keep working to a higher age.


Head of Unit


Irene Jensen

Telefon: 08-524 832 12
Enhet: Interventions- och implementeringsforskning
E-post: Irene.Jensen@ki.se


Unit members

Emmanuel AboagyePostdoc
Iben AxénDocent
Gunnar BergströmDocent, Forskare
Elisabeth Björk BrämbergForskarassistent
Christina BjörklundDocent, Forskare
Lennart BodinProfessor emeritus
Andreas EklundPostdoc
Anders Galaasen BakkenForskarstuderande
Jan HagbergStatistiker
Irene JensenProfessor
Ulf JohansonAnknuten, Professor emeritus
Bozana JohanssonDoktorand
Lydia KwakDocent, Forskningssamordnare
Eva NilssonProjektadministratör
Lotta NyberghPostdoc
Teresia NymanAnknuten, Forskare
Anna RichardssonAnknuten
Ulrich StoetzerAnknuten, Forskare
Charlotte WåhlinAnknuten, Forskare
Cecilia ÅkerblomAnknuten, Forskare



Occupational health

The main focus of this research is the development and evaluation of cost-effective evidence-based practice in OHS to promote work ability, health and productivity. Read more about the research programme Occupational Health Service.


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