The weight of evidence on non-chemical scientific assessments and to be able to consider and document the approach used to weight the evidence

Course dates

E-learning modules are available September 13, 2021 to October 13, 2021.
Webinar is on October 21, 2021 at 15-17 CET.

Course participants

The course is for members of EFSA’s Scientific Committee/Panels, their working groups, members of the EFSA Networks, and EFSA staff.

Course content

This course will provide training for EFSA staff and experts on the use of EFSA’s Guidance on Weight of Evidence assessment with focus on evidence on non-chemical scientific assessments.

The course is provided as e-learning and includes three modules and a webinar. Each module includes a recorded presentation, a quiz and a discussion forum. Participants can study the modules in their own pace. The webinar at the end of the e-learning will give opportunity for discussion of the content of the modules.

Module 1: Introduction to Weight of Evidence (WOE)
The first module will introduce WOE, its role in routine risk assessment and when more refined WOE approaches are useful. It will then introduce the three basic steps in WOE, and four categories of methods for WOE, illustrated by an example.

Module 2: WOE questions and assembling and assessing the evidence
The second module will look in more detail at how to define the question for WOE assessment and how to assemble and weigh the evidence, illustrated by examples.

Module 3: Integrating evidence, uncertainty analysis, conclusions and reporting WOE
The third module will focus on integrating the evidence. It will end by discussing uncertainty analysis and conclusions for WOE assessments and how to report the WOE assessment.

Course application

EFSA’s Scientific Committee/Panels, their working groups, members of the EFSA Networks and EFSA staff apply here.

EFSA reserves the right to select the participants from all applicants. All applicants will be informed whether they can actually attend the training.

Handling of personal data
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Johanna Zilliacus

Lecturer senior
C6 Institute of Environmental Medicine