Work environment and productivity in research (AMP)

The current knowledge in this field states a clear relation between psychosocial work environment and employee health. There is however a dearth of research investigating the relation between work environment and productivity.


In previous studies, we have been able to show that work environment problems cause larger production losses than health problems among workers do (Lohela Karlsson M. et al 2013). On this basis we have in the present study the hypothesis that certain factors in the work environment are essential for high productivity. We intend to investigate which these factors are.


The objective of the project is to investigate factors in the psychosocial work environment including the importance of leadership for employee productivity.


Data from existing records from employee surveys and activity data at a university will be used. The university keeps records of activity data such as bibliometrics (number of publications, impact factor, citation index, etc.), grant awards, number of PhD students as well as quality indicators for education (number of applicants, number of graduates, course evaluations, etc.).

Expected results

The results of the project could be a breakthrough in the field and at the same time be directly applicable in a strategy to improve the psychosocial work environment and strengthen the quality of research.


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Irene Jensen

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Christina Björklund

Principal Researcher
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