Musculoskeletal & Sports Injury Epidemiology Center (MUSIC) research group

Our research on musculoskeletal disorders including lower back and neck pain, mental health and sports medicine is interdisciplinary and clinically relevant. The aim is to deepen the knowledge concerning health promotion and disease prevention, risk and prognostic factors, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

“Sports medicine, mental illness and long-lasting pain conditions… ”

About us

We perform clinically relevant research about long-lasting pain conditions in the musculoskeletal system including back and neck, mental illness and sports medicine. Our research is based mainly on our extensive cohort studies and randomized controlled studies. Furthermore, our research group include multi-professional competences such as: epidemiology, biostatistics, naprapathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, psychology, orthopedics, public health, nutrition and insurance medicine.


To deepen the knowledge about health promotion and disease prevention actions, risk and prognostic factors, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and performance. In addition, our group aims to mediate knowledge to several target groups in the society.


Our research partners are national as well as international research groups, clinics and specific sports associations such as the Swedish Handball, Football, Tennis and Gymnastic associations. Group leader is Professor Eva Skillgate.


Musculoskeletal Pain Epidemiology


Sports Injury Epidemiology

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Eva E. Skillgate

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Lena Holm

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Klara Edlund

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Ulrika Tranaeus Fitzgerald

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Fredrik Johansson

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Marie Askenberger

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Stina Lilje

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Lina Palmlöf


Fredrik Johansson

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Nathan Weiss

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