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Years of life lost during the Covid-19 pandemic in Sweden considering variation in life expectancy by level of geriatric care.
Ebeling M, Acosta E, Caswell H, Meyer AC, Modig K
Eur J Epidemiol 2022 Oct;37(10):1025-1034

Trends in frailty between 1990 to 2020 in Sweden among 75-, 85- and 95-year-old women and men: A nationwide study from Sweden.
Wennberg AM, Ebeling M, Ek S, Meyer A, Ding M, Talbäck M, Modig K
J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2022 Oct;():

The Impact of Hip Fracture on Geriatric Care and Mortality Among older Swedes: Mapping Care Trajectories and Their Determinants.
Meyer AC, Ebeling M, Drefahl S, Hedström M, Ek S, Sandström G, Modig K
Am J Epidemiol 2022 Aug;():

Lipid levels in midlife and risk of atrial fibrillation over 3 decades-Experience from the Swedish AMORIS cohort: A cohort study.
Ding M, Wennberg A, Gigante B, Walldius G, Hammar N, Modig K
PLoS Med 2022 Aug;19(8):e1004044

Internal fixation or hip replacement for undisplaced femoral neck fractures? Pre-fracture health differences reflect survival and functional outcome.
Ek S, Al-Ani H, Greve K, Modig K, Hedström M
Acta Orthop 2022 Jul;93():643-651

Occupational differences in mortality and life expectancy persist after retirement and throughout life.
Marcus E, Anders A, Per G, Karin M
Scand J Public Health 2022 Mar;():14034948221081628

Nationwide data on home care and care home residence: presentation of the Swedish Social Service Register, its content and coverage.
Meyer AC, Sandström G, Modig K
Scand J Public Health 2022 Nov;50(7):946-958

The importance of close next of kin for independent living and readmissions among older Swedish hip fracture patients.
Jørgensen TSH, Meyer AC, Hedström M, Fors S, Modig K
Health Soc Care Community 2022 May;30(3):e727-e738

Hospital Length of Stay After Hip Fracture and It's Association With 4-Month Mortality-Exploring the Role of Patient Characteristics.
Ek S, Meyer AC, Hedström M, Modig K
J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2022 Jul;77(7):1472-1477

Comorbidity and the association with 1-year mortality in hip fracture patients: can the ASA score and the Charlson Comorbidity Index be used interchangeably?
Ek S, Meyer AC, Hedström M, Modig K
Aging Clin Exp Res 2022 Jan;34(1):129-136

Determinants of home care utilization among the Swedish old: nationwide register-based study.
Brändström A, Meyer AC, Modig K, Sandström G
Eur J Ageing 2022 Sep;19(3):651-662


The association of apolipoproteins with later-life all-cause and cardiovascular mortality: a population-based study stratified by age.
Ding M, Wennberg A, Ek S, Santoni G, Gigante B, Walldius G, Hammar N, Modig K
Sci Rep 2021 Dec;11(1):24440

Revival of ecological studies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Björk J, Modig K, Kahn F, Ahlbom A
Eur J Epidemiol 2021 Dec;36(12):1225-1229

Comparison of two different frailty scales in the longitudinal Swedish Adoption/Twin Study of Aging (SATSA).
Wennberg AM, Yin W, Fang F, Pedersen NL, Hägg S, Jylhävä J, Modig K
Scand J Public Health 2021 Dec;():14034948211059958

The role of having children for the incidence of and survival after hip fracture - A nationwide cohort study.
Meyer AC, Modig K
Bone 2021 Apr;145():115873

Trends in Hip Fracture Incidence, Recurrence, and Survival by Education and Comorbidity: A Swedish Register-based Study.
Meyer AC, Ek S, Drefahl S, Ahlbom A, Hedström M, Modig K
Epidemiology 2021 May;32(3):425-433

Blood-Based Biomarkers and Long-term Risk of Frailty-Experience From the Swedish AMORIS Cohort.
Wennberg AM, Ding M, Ebeling M, Hammar N, Modig K
J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2021 Aug;76(9):1643-1652

The rate by which mortality increase with age is the same for those who experienced chronic disease as for the general population.
Ebeling M, Rau R, Malmström H, Ahlbom A, Modig K
Age Ageing 2021 Sep;50(5):1633-1640

Excess mortality from COVID-19: weekly excess death rates by age and sex for Sweden and its most affected region.
Modig K, Ahlbom A, Ebeling M
Eur J Public Health 2021 Feb;31(1):17-22

Revival of ecological studies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Björk J, Modig K, Kahn F, Ahlbom A
Eur J Epidemiol 2021 Dec;36(12):1225-1229

Dödlighet och sjuklighet i covid-19 i Sverige under mars 2020 – februari 2021
[English: Patterns in COVID-19 Mortality and Morbidity in Sweden during the Pandemic Year March 2020-February 2021].
Andersson G, Drefahl S, Mussino E, Modig K, Meyer AC
Government report for the Swedish Corona Commission
English translation in: Stockholm Research Reports in Demography


The rise in the number of long-term survivors from different diseases can slow the increase in life expectancy of the total population.
Ebeling M, Meyer AC, Modig K
BMC Public Health 2020 Oct;20(1):1523

The Swedish Hip Fracture Register and National Patient Register were valuable for research on hip fractures: comparison of two registers.
Meyer AC, Hedström M, Modig K
J Clin Epidemiol 2020 Sep;125():91-99

Trends in life expectancy: did the gap between the healthy and the ill widen or close?
Meyer AC, Drefahl S, Ahlbom A, Lambe M, Modig K
BMC Med 2020 Mar;18(1):41

Life expectancy: what does it measure?
Modig K, Rau R, Ahlbom A
BMJ Open 2020 Jul;10(7):e035932


Parents survive longer after stroke than childless individuals: a prospective cohort study of Swedes over the age of 65.
Meyer AC, Torssander J, Talbäck M, Modig K
Eur J Public Health 2019 Dec;29(6):1090-1095

"Obesity Paradox" Holds True for Patients with Hip Fracture: A Registry-Based Cohort Study.
Modig K, Erdefelt A, Mellner C, Cederholm T, Talbäck M, Hedström M
J Bone Joint Surg Am 2019 May;101(10):888-895

The role of children and their socioeconomic resources for the risk of hospitalisation and mortality - a nationwide register-based study of the total Swedish population over the age 70.
Meyer AC, Brooke HL, Modig K
BMC Geriatr 2019 Apr;19(1):114

Temporal trends in incidence, recurrence and prevalence of stroke in an era of ageing populations, a longitudinal study of the total Swedish population.
Modig K, Talbäck M, Ziegler L, Ahlbom A
BMC Geriatr 2019 Feb;19(1):31


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