Research group Karin Modig: Health trends in the ageing population

We explore population-wide trends in old age health to increase our understanding of the consequences population ageing today and in the future.

Selected Publications

Trends in frailty between 1990 to 2020 in Sweden among 75-, 85- and 95-year-old women and men: A nationwide study from Sweden.
Wennberg AM, Ebeling M, Ek S, Meyer A, Ding M, Talbäck M, Modig K
J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2022 Oct;()

Trends in Hip Fracture Incidence, Recurrence, and Survival by Education and Comorbidity: A Swedish Register-based Study.
Meyer AC, Ek S, Drefahl S, Ahlbom A, Hedström M, Modig K
Epidemiology 2021 May;32(3):425-433

The rise in the number of long-term survivors from different diseases can slow the increase in life expectancy of the total population.
Ebeling M, Meyer AC, Modig K
BMC Public Health 2020 Oct;20(1):1523

Trends in life expectancy: did the gap between the healthy and the ill widen or close?
Meyer AC, Drefahl S, Ahlbom A, Lambe M, Modig K
BMC Med 2020 Mar;18(1):41

Temporal trends in incidence, recurrence and prevalence of stroke in an era of ageing populations, a longitudinal study of the total Swedish population.
Modig K, Talbäck M, Ziegler L, Ahlbom A
BMC Geriatr 2019 Feb;19(1):31

Stable or improved health status in the population 65 years and older in Stockholm, Sweden - an 8-year follow-up of self-reported health items.
Modig K, Virtanen S, Ahlbom A, Agahi N
Scand J Public Health 2016 Jul;44(5):480-9


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