Research group Karin Modig

We are an international research group led by PI Karin Modig at the Institute of Environmental Medicine. Covering a broad range of questions within ageing epidemiology, our work is based on Swedish population registers and large-scale clinical studies. We teach epidemiological methods at Karolinska Institutet and collaborate with several national and international partners.

Our research

Research group leader

Karin Modig

Principal Investigator

Group members

Mozhu Ding

Postdoctoral researcher

Stina Ek

Postdoctoral researcher

Alexandra Wennberg

Postdoctoral researcher

Anna Meyer

Postdoctoral researcher

Marcus Ebeling

Affiliated to research

Shunsuke Murata

Postdoctoral researcher

Affiliated researchers 

Anders Ahlbom - Professor emeritus

Giovanni Cioffi - Affiliated to research

Terese Sara Høj Jørgensen - Affiliated to research

Katarina Greve - Affiliated to research


Anna Meyer