Quantitative health risk assessment in historical contaminated areas –exposure and risk characterization

This project investigates the levels of exposure to environmental contaminants and the associated risk of health effects in historically polluted areas in Sweden using a combination of epidemiological and toxicological methodology. The main objective of this trans-disciplinary project is to apply systematic and transparent methods for characterizing the environmental human exposure to site specific pollutants and to evaluate the associations between the environmental pollutant concentrations, exposure levels and the observed or reported health effects. The project is performed in collaboration with Linköping University.


Marika Berglund

Affiliated to research


  • Forss (Forskningsrådet i sydöstra Sverige)
  • Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


Exposure and body burden of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and metals in a historically contaminated community.
Helmfrid I, Salihovic S, van Bavel B, Wingren G, Berglund M
Environ Int 2015 Mar;76():41-8

Health effects and exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and metals in a contaminated community.
Helmfrid I, Berglund M, Löfman O, Wingren G
Environ Int 2012 Sep;44():53-8