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Project: Recurrent and persistent low back pain

Low back pain is a highly prevalent and costly condition. It is also a recurrent problem in most cases, and persistent (chronic) in some. However, little is known about the fluctuations, the course, over time. Further, a recurrent condition invites the idea of secondary prevention, in order to minimize the episodes of disability and pain. A persistent condition requires tertiary prevention, to stop deterioration and to minimize the effects of the problem. However, very few preventive strategies have been studied.

In order to investigate a large number of subjects, a new method of gathering frequent data is used: text messages and mobile phones. Weekly measurements provide a detailed picture of course over time, on an individual and a group level. The method is cheap and user-friendly and yields high response rates and good compliance.

In an on-going randomized controlled trial, two preventive strategies are being investigated. The outcome will focus on effect and cost-effectiveness.

Contact persons


Iben Axén

Telefon: 070-440 06 18
Enhet: Interventions- och implementeringsforskning inom arbetshälsa


Andreas Eklund

Enhet: Interventions- och implementeringsforskning inom arbetshälsa


  • European Chiropractors' Union
  • Swedish Chiroprators' Association
  • The Danish Chiropractic Association


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