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Ifthekhar Ali Mohammed

Ifthekhar Ali Mohammed

Year of graduation: 2012

Current position and employer: Toxicologist (human health risk assessor), Swedish Chemicals Agency

What did you study as an undergraduate (bachelor)?

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Why did you choose the Master programme in Toxicology?

I developed a particular interest in toxicology during my bachelor's final year when we had a short course on it.

Where did you conduct your MSc thesis and what was it about?

In collaboration between Swedish Chemicals Agency and KI. It was about identification of endocrine disruptors as substances of very high concern under the EU chemicals regulation, REACH.

Looking back on your time at KI and the Master programme in Toxicology, what is the most valuable thing that you learned?

Group work with coursemates from different backgrounds.

Where are you and what are you doing now?

At Swedish Chemicals Agency performing hazard and risk assessments.

What made you decide on this career?

The challenges and importance of developing and implementing chemicals regulations for public health and safety.