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Elmira Tavoosi

Elmira Tavoosi

Year of graduation: 2018

Current position and employer: Swedish Medical Products Agency

What did you study as an undergraduate (bachelor)?

Biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet

Why did you choose the Master programme in Toxicology?

I chose the Master programme in Toxicology because I wanted to work with research and science, however not inside a lab. I saw myself working with regulatory questions at e.g. a national authority where I would have the opportunity to keep up with the latest research.

Where did you conduct your MSc thesis and what was it about?

My master thesis was conducted at the Karolinska Institutet and in collaboration with the Swedish Chemicals Agency. I did a literature (non-lab) based thesis where I evaluated potential endocrine-disrupting properties of a biocidal product. This was done by adhering to European Commission's (at the time very new) scientific criteria for the determination of endocrine-disrupting properties.

Looking back on your time at KI and the Master programme in Toxicology, what is the most valuable thing that you learned?

The shift from "old-toxicology" to the new twenty-first century toxicology. At the Master programme in Toxicology we learned a great deal of how to increase the efficiency and predictability of chemicals or other external factors in order to decrease the usage of animals.

Where are you and what are you doing now?

I'm currently living in Uppsala, Sweden where I await with great anticipation to start my new job at the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

What made you decide on this career?

I wanted to work with regulatory questions in combination with European legislation. In addition I wanted to be part of a work environment where knowledge and learning plays a central role.