Master's programme in work and health

A working life with good working conditions improves public health in general, reduces work-related ill health and helps people to remain in working life until retirement. In workplaces with a good work environment, people thrive and feel good, with sufficient support to be able to carry out their work tasks. A large amount of research shows that the work environment indeed affects employees' health and work ability. Good working conditions are also a prerequisite for sustainable growth in compa

This one-year master programme was developed after an initiative of the Swedish Government, concerning the education of personnel within the Occupational Health Services.

The programme, which runs in Swedish, has approximately 80 students divided into three tracks: Behavioural Sciences, Ergonomics, and Occupational Nursing. The students have (depending on track) different backgrounds, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, behavioural science, and nursing. More information can be found on the programme's website (in Swedish only):

Master's Programme in Work and Health (Swedish)


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