Doctoral/Third Cycle Education

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At IMM there are four doctoral programmes; Epidemiology, Environmental Factors and Health (EFH),  Public health intervention and implementation research and the Swedish interdisciplinary graduate school in register-based research.

The doctoral programme Environmental Factors and Health (EFH) offers a high quality doctoral education in toxicology and risk assessment for doctoral students. EFH is also a platform for collaboration with other national and international universities and organisations that provide education in toxicology and risk assessment.

The Epidemiology Programme offers basic and advanced courses in Epidemiology and Biostatistics as well as optional courses in other specializations. Doctoral students are provided with training that enables them to independently formulate questions, develop analytic skills, design research strategies, implement data collection and analysis, and generate knowledge relevant to particular populations. The focus of the programme is on the epidemiological and biostatistical theory and methods.

The Swedish interdisciplinary graduate school in register-based research is a result of the Swedish Research Council´s efforts to reinforce research using the national unique infrastructure provided by the Swedish Initiative for Research on Microdata in the Social and Medical Sciences (SIMSAM). 

All four postgraduate programmes at IMM offer seminars, workshops and student-initiated activities aimed at strengthening the students' network and future career opportunities.

About Doctoral Education

Doctoral education conclude with the award of a licentiate degree or a PhD.

A PhD normally requires a total of four years' full-time doctoral/third level education. Studies can be pursued in parallel with clinical practice or the like, but must be concluded within four years (for a licentiate degree) or eight years (for a PhD degree).

Progress is checked annually, and there is a more thorough half-time control (or licentiate examination) after the equivalent of two years' full-time study.

The PhD is awarded on the submission of a thesis subject to its passing a public defence. A licentiate degree is defended at a licentiate seminar.

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