WHO Collaboration Centre on TB and Social Medicine (WHO CC SWE-71) | Social medicine, infectious diseases and migration (SIM)

The centre supports WHO by assisting Member States in the planning and implementation of national TB patient cost surveys; assisting secondary analysis of TB patient cost surveys; and contributing to the evidence-base on social protection interventions for TB patients by conducting cross-country analysis of social protection intervention research in different countries.

National TB patient cost surveys are used to collect data to monitor one of WHO´s top-three TB care and prevention targets; that no TB-affected household should face catastrophic costs due to TB. These surveys also generate data for decision making concerning the design and target groups of social protection interventions for TB patients. Social protection is a critical component of WHO End TB Strategy. However, evidence on the feasibility, effectiveness and scalability of social protection interventions in different health and social system contexts is still weak.

The centre draws on all relevant research projects and engagement in other centres and network and performs analyses and country support activities on the request by WHO.


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