Publications from the project: Riksmaten Ungdom – physical activity

Here are the latest publications from the project Riksmaten Ungdom – physical activity.

Organised physical activity during leisure time is associated with more objectively measured physical activity among Swedish adolescents.
Fröberg A, Lindroos AK, Ekblom Ö, Nyberg G
Acta Paediatr. 2020 Jan;():

A national survey showed low levels of physical activity in a representative sample of Swedish adolescents.
Nyberg G, Kjellenberg K, Fröberg A, Lindroos AK
Acta Paediatr. 2020 Apr;():

Leisure-time organised physical activity and dietary intake among Swedish adolescents.
Fröberg A, Lindroos AK, Moraeus L, Patterson E, Warensjö Lemming E, Nyberg
G.J Sports Sci. 2022 Jun;40(11):1198-1205. Epub 2022 May 3

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