Research Projects | Global and Sexual Health

The Global and Sexual Health research group focuses on HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) through the promotion of equity in sexual and reproductive health services, prevention, treatment and care of infectious diseases.

Our research explores the effectiveness of implementing treatment and prevention programmes in resource poor and/or high-risk settings, and the sexual and reproductive health of vulnerable groups, including migrants, adolescents and young people, pregnant women, transgender people, and men who have sex with men (MSM).

We focus on:

  • Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV
  • Adolescent health, Quality of Life, and Aging with HIV
  • Economic Evaluations associated with HIV​
  • Risk behaviours and health-seeking behaviours
  • SRHR studies of ethnic relations, integration and migration
  • Emerging infectious diseases in low and middle-income countries

Our research interests include:

  • Development of health-related innovative methods and mHealth
  • Behavioural Economics related to sexual and reproductive health
  • Sexual network modelling
  • Health systems strengthening

Our vision and mission


To improve the health of those most in need through partnerships in research and education.


To tackle current challenges to global health through the collection of evidence and the training of the next generation of global health professionals, thereby contributing to the sustainable development goals (SDGs).


    Risk Behaviours

    • Risk behaviour, HIV and Hepatitis infection among people who inject drugs in Sweden: in Swedish Prison
    • Evaluating the Stockholm needle exchange program: Risk behaviour, HIV and Hepatitis infection in Sweden
    • Update of HIV testing and risk behaviour change potential among men in South Africa

    Health Economics/Evaluations

    • The effect of WHO-Option B+ implementation on EMTCT HIV-free infant survival and maternal ART in Tanzania
    • Effectiveness of Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PreP) of HIV in Rakai, Uganda
    • Evaluation of Test Point, HIV testing outside of the health care setting in Stockholm
    • WelTel - Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) Programmes in Kenya​​


    • Effectiveness of online HIV prevention intervention among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Vietnam
    • Quality of Life among people living with HIV in Sweden
    • Quality of Life among Transgender people in Sweden


    • ​Microbiome and relationship to HIV incidence in high risk population in Uganda


    Abortion and Contraception

    • Abortion and contraceptive stigma in Kenya
    • Pre-and post-test intervention to prevent abortion and contraceptive-use stigma in Kenya
    • Post-abortion care and contraceptive counselling by providers and physicians in Kenya

    Adolescents and Gender

    • SRHR and HIV among migrants in Sweden
    • World Values Survey: Norms and Values on gender and SRHR
    • Sexual transmission of Ebola among survivors in Sierra Leone
    • Improving sexual and reproductive health among early adolescents in Indonesia
    • Preventing unwanted pregnancy and improving post-abortion among young people in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda


    Networks and Modelling

    • Analysis of social networks of cows and their impact on the spread of diseases in France
    • Visualisation of contacts and transmission trees on temporal contact networks
    • Big data mining and emergency management
    • Analysis of hidden populations and key strategies of network sampling
    • Forecast of death tolls on the Syrian war


    • Evaluation MAMA SA and MomConnect in South Africa
    • Effectiveness of online HIV prevention intervention among MSM in Vietnam
    • Population dynamics of HA-MRSA between hospitalised patients in Stockholm, Sweden

    Mobile and websites

    • Mobile communication and online social media based study
    • Using mobile phone data in low- and middle-income countries
    • Web-based respondent driven sampling among precarious workers
    • Weltel PMTCT: Randomised control trial through mobile phones among women living with HIV in Kenya

    Emerging Infections


    • Sexual transmission of Ebola among survivors in Sierra Leone
    • Attitudes towards diagnostic testing in children among guardians in Sierra Leone
    • Risk communication and Ebola transmission in Sierra Leone
    • Clinical outcomes of Ebola in Sierra Leone


    • The impact of Zika virus epidemic on coping and reproductive plans among young couples in Colombia

    Migrant Health

    Healthcare services

    • Migrants' health and uptake to HIV services in Sweden

    Non-communicable diseases

    Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

    • CVD and HIV in Sweden
    • Role of HIV infection and risk of CVD in high-burden HIV polation in Uganda


    Anna Mia Ekström

    Professor/senior physician
    K9 Department of Global Public Health