Report activity and means of support at the Department of Global Public Health

All doctoral students are required to report activity and means of support twice a year to the administration of doctoral education the department. When the report is due, you will receive a reminder from the administration at the Department of Global Public Health.

The activities and financing information are registered in Ladok and the forms are saved in your doctoral file at the administrative office.

How to estimate and what to include in ‘activity’

'Activity' refers to the percentage of time you have devoted to your doctoral education/research project. Included is also participation in doctoral courses, seminar series, congresses, project work in your spare time, etc. Teaching or other departmental duties should not be included in the report.

Please note that any activities you have been engaged in, that are not financed, should also be reported and should be entered as "ÖVR".

An example of how to estimate activity in percentage:

10% activity = 4 hours/week
25% activity = 10 hours/week
50% activity = 20 hours/week
75% activity = 30 hours/week
100% activity = 40 hours/week

Means of support/employment situation

All active doctoral students must half-yearly report their employment situation. Please note that focus is on type of employment and not on how the employment is financed.

If you are a part-time doctoral student, you only report for the time you have been engaged in doctoral studies (as for activity above), but the sum of different means of support should always add up to 100 percent.

For more information see the form Activity and means of support for doctoral students


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