Publications from the project: OPTIMAT Sweden

Here are the latest publications from the project OPTIMAT Sweden.

Barriers and facilitators to successful implementation of sustainable school meals: a qualitative study of the OPTIMAT™-intervention. Eustachio Colombo P, Elinder LS, Patterson E, Parlesak A, Lindroos AK, Andermo S
Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 2021 07;18(1):89

Successful Implementation of Climate-Friendly, Nutritious, and Acceptable School Meals in Practice: The OPTIMAT™ Intervention Study. Sustainability 2020, 12, 8475. Elinder, L.S.; Eustachio Colombo, P.; Patterson, E.; Parlesak, A.; Lindroos, A.K.

Sustainable and acceptable school meals through optimization analysis: an intervention study. Eustachio Colombo P, Patterson E, Lindroos AK, Parlesak A, Elinder LS. Nutrition Journal volume 19, 2020.

The importance of school lunches to the overall dietary intake of children in Sweden: a nationally representative study. Eustachio Colombo P, Patterson E, Elinder LS, Lindroos AK
Public Health Nutr 2020 Apr;():1-11

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