Publications from the project: A Healthy School Start Plus

Here are the latest publications from the project A Healthy School Start Plus for children and parents in disadvantaged areas – health promotion and obesity prevention

Relationships between Physical Activity Parenting Practices and Children's Activity Measured by Accelerometry with Children's Activity Style as a Moderator-A Cross Sectional Study.
Malek ME, Norman Å, Elinder LS, Patterson E, Nyberg G
Children (Basel) 2022 Feb;9(2):

Children’s experiences of participating in a school-based health promotion parental support programme in disadvantaged areas – A qualitative study. Etminan Malek M, Nyberg G, Elinder LS, Patterson E, Norman Å. BMC Pediatr 21, 228 (2021).

Brief parental self-efficacy scales for promoting healthy eating and physical activity in children: a validation study.
Norman Å, Wright J, Patterson E
BMC Public Health 2021 03;21(1):540

Variations in perceptions of parenting role related to children's physical activity and sedentary behaviours - a qualitative study in a Northern European context.
Andermo S, Rydberg H, Norman Å
BMC Public Health 2021 08;21(1):1550

Sedentary activity bout length was associated with BMI and waist circumference in Swedish children aged 5-7 years.
Norman Å, Nyberg G
Acta Paediatr 2021 07;110(7):2157-2163

Parents' Thoughts Regarding Their Normal-Weight Children's Food and Physical Activity as Expressed During Health Conversations With the School Nurse: A Qualitative Analysis Informing Health-Promoting Practices.
Moberg M, Golsäter M, Norman Å J Sch Nurs 2021 Jun;():10598405211025440

“Everyone can take photos.” Feasibility and relative validity of phone photography-based assessment of children’s diets – a mixed methods study. Norman Å, Kjellenberg K, Torres Aréchiga D, Löf M, Patterson E.Nutr J. 2020;19(1):50.

School-related physical activity interventions and mental health among children: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Andermo S, Hallgren M, Nguyen TT, Jonsson S, Petersen S, Friberg M, Romqvist A, Stubbs B, Elinder LS
Sports Med Open 2020 Jun;6(1):25

Managing Implementation of a Parental Support Programme for Obesity Prevention in the School Context: The Importance of Creating Commitment in an Overburdened Work Situation, a Qualitative Study.
Bergström H, Sundblom E, Elinder LS, Norman Å, Nyberg G
J Prim Prev 2020 Mar.

School-based obesity prevention for busy low-income families-Organisational and personal barriers and facilitators to implementation.
Norman Å, Nyberg G, Berlin A PLoS One 2019 ;14(11):e0224512

A Healthy School Start Plus for prevention of childhood overweight and obesity in disadvantaged areas through parental support in the school setting - study protocol for a parallel group cluster randomised trial.
Elinder LS, Patterson E, Nyberg G, Norman Å
BMC Public Health 2018 04;18(1):459

Publications from previous parental support interventions in the school context

Parental support in promoting children’s health behaviours and preventing overweight and obesity – a long-term follow-up of the cluster-randomised healthy school start study II trial. Norman Å, Zeebari Z, Nyberg N, Elinder LS. BMC Pediatrics (2019) 19:104.

Other publications from CONPA's research group.