Publications from the project: A Healthy Generation

Here are the latest publications from the project A Healthy Generation.

Effectiveness of a Family Intervention to Increase Physical Activity in Disadvantaged Areas-A Healthy Generation, a Controlled Pilot Study.
Nyberg G, Andermo S, Nordenfelt A, Lidin M, Hellénius ML
Int J Environ Res Public Health 2020 May;17(11):

Effectiveness of a family intervention on health-related quality of life-a healthy generation, a controlled pilot trial.
Andermo S, Hellénius ML, Lidin M, Hedby U, Nordenfelt A, Nyberg G
BMC Public Health 2020 May;20(1):809

We were all together”- families’ experiences of the health-promoting programme – A Healthy Generation
Andermo, S., Lidin, M., Hellenius, ML. et al.  BMC Public Health 20, 1911 (2020).

Other publications from CONPA's research group.

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