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Material and publications with the SMART2D project.


'What kind of life is this?' Diabetes related notions of wellbeing among adults in eastern Uganda and implications for mitigating future chronic disease risk.
Mayega RW, Ekirapa E, Kirunda B, Nalwadda C, Aweko J, Tomson G, et al
BMC Public Health 2018 Dec;18(1):1409

Study protocol for the SMART2D adaptive implementation trial: a cluster randomised trial comparing facility-only care with integrated facility and community care to improve type 2 diabetes outcomes in Uganda, South Africa and Sweden.
Guwatudde D, Absetz P, Delobelle P, Östenson CG, Olmen Van J, Alvesson HM, et al
BMJ Open 2018 03;8(3):e019981

Using a cross-contextual reciprocal learning approach in a multisite implementation research project to improve self-management for type 2 diabetes.
van Olmen J, Delobelle P, Guwatudde D, Absetz P, Sanders D, Mölsted Alvesson H, et al
BMJ Glob Health 2018 ;3(6):e001068

Redefining diabetes and the concept of self-management from a patient's perspective: implications for disease risk factor management.
Masupe TK, Ndayi K, Tsolekile L, Delobelle P, Puoane T
Health Educ Res 2018 02;33(1):40-54

Role of community health workers in type 2 diabetes mellitus self-management: A scoping review.
Egbujie BA, Delobelle PA, Levitt N, Puoane T, Sanders D, van Wyk B
PLoS ONE 2018 ;13(6):e0198424

Patient and Provider Dilemmas of Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management: A Qualitative Study in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Communities in Stockholm.
Aweko J, De Man J, Absetz P, Östenson CG, Swartling Peterson S, Mölsted Alvesson H, et al
Int J Environ Res Public Health 2018 08;15(9):

Diet-related non-communicable diseases in South Africa: determinents and policy responses. In: Padarath Spires M, Delobelle P, Sanders D, Puoane T, Hoelzel P, Swart R - A, King J, Mackie E, Casciola J, editors. South African Health Review 2016. Durban: Health Systems Trust; 2016. p. 35-42.

Posters and presentations

Presentation abstract: Self-management of type 2 diabetes: Contextualizing care and self-management for pre-diabetes and diabetes among immigrants of non-European descent in Stockholm

Poster: Enabling self-management of type 2 diabetes: our journey to carve out a community component for vulnerable urban areas in Stockholm

Poster: Addressing the burden of type 2 diabetes: formative research into health behavior and education needs in a peri-urban community in the Western Cape

Presentation: The process of culture in implementation research: linking the clinic and the community in Stockholm

Presentation: Self-management perceptions among providers and non-European type 2 diabetes patients in Stockholm

Presentation: Improving understanding of food choices and dietary changes among migrants in host countries

Abstract: Improving self-management for diabetes in diverse settings: example of Reciprocal Learning Approach

Poster: Community screening in disadvantaged areas: Addressing a gap in the detection of type 2 diabetes

Poster: Risk perceptions among persons living with prediabetes in Stockholm

Information Sheets

Printable information sheet with an overview of the project and a focus on the Swedish arm of the study

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Powerpoint template for SMART2D presentations (version 1)

Powerpoint template for SMART2D presentations (version 2)

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