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Two recently completed projects in the EPiCSS research group focus on links between physical activity, wellbeing, and mental health. 'FitForChange' is a randomized controlled trial (RCT) investigating the effects of a 12-week exercise program on alcohol consumption and health-related variables (stress, depression/anxiety, sleep quality, etc.) in alcohol dependent adults. The trial was conducted between Feb 2019 and Dec 2020 at Riddargatan1, an outpatient clinic located in central Stockholm.

Our second project, ‘FitForAge’ (also an RCT) aims to better understand the effects of yoga-based exercise on subjective wellbeing, mental and somatic health in older adults (65-85 years). In addition to these trials, Dr Hallgren leads observational studies examining associations of sedentary behavior (too much sitting) and mental health. This recent research has been widely recognized in leading journals and presented in popular science articles on the internet. 

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Mats Hallgren

Principal Researcher


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