Merit assessment and selection to free-standing course within Public Health Response in Disasters

On this page you will find information about the merit assessment for the freestanding courses:
2QA356 Global Health and Disaster
2QA352 Public Health Response in Health Crisis and Disasters
2QA357 Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods in Disasters
at Karolinska Institutet.

Merit assessment 

In case there are more eligible applicants than the number of seats, a selection must be made among the applicants. The selection is based on an overall assessment criteria according to the criteria below.

Each applicant is assessed independently of other applicants on the scoring scale below.


If you have questions about your registration or documents that must be included, please contact KI Admissions.

Merits and how they are valued

Specialization/subject focus of the undergraduate degree: 

Maximum points: 2  I Minimum points: 1

  • Relevant: 2
  • Satisfactory: 1       

Certified according to the instructions on

Relevant work experience: 

Maximum points: 3 I Minimum points: 0

  • Very relevant: 3
  • Relevant: 2
  • Not relevant: 0

CV should be attached

Scope of relevant professional experience

Max points: 3 I Minimum points: 0

  • More than three years: 3
  • 2 to 3 years: 2
  • Less than two years: 0

Letter of motivation

Maximum points: 3 I Minimum points: 0

  • Clearly written, well-structured and logical argumentation: 3
  • Relevant to the content: 1
  • Not relevant or missing: 0 

Letter of motivation with a maximum of 500 words should be attached

Overall assessment of the applicant

Maximum points: 6 I Minimum points: 0

  • Excellent applicant: 6
  • Very good applicant: 4
  • Good applicant: 2
  • Satisfactory applicant: 1
  • Sufficient applicant: 0
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Lena Björk