Annual follow-up at the Department of Global Public Health

Follow-up is mandatory for all doctoral students and should be submitted once a year. This page describes how to conduct a follow-up at the Department of Global Public Health.

Your first follow-up should take place about 12 months after admission to doctoral studies. Annual follow-up occurs even if your activity is low as well as the year that you conduct your half-time review. You will receive a reminder by email when it is time to conduct your follow-up. At least one annual follow-up must be registered in Ladok before the half-time review.

Conduct the follow-up with your supervisor

You and your supervisor jointly conduct the annual follow-up. It should be used to document any important changes from the original individual study plan (plan from admission or the last one reported), including the research plan. The original study plan together with the annual follow-ups should reflect the starting-point and development of the doctoral project.

Contact the director of doctoral education

When your first annual follow-up is due, contact the director of doctoral education for a meeting to discuss how your first year as a doctoral student at the department has been.

Find contact information to the current director of doctoral education further down on this page.

Form for the follow-up

Please note that the paper form is only used for those without a digital individual study plan.

The Form 4 Annual follow-up, doctoral student is available in the complete list of all forms and documents for doctoral education at KI

Submit the annual follow-up

Send the completed and signed form to Keep a copy of the form for your own records.

The form will be reviewed and approved by the Director of doctoral education at the department before it is registered in Ladok. These documents are saved in your doctoral folder at the administrative office.


Anastasia Urban

Administrative officer

Visiting address: Floor 3, Widerström building (Use Elevator 1, left side of the building) Tomtebodavägen 18A, Campus Solna Post box available on floor 3

Postal address:

Department of Global Public Health Doctoral educational administration Karolinska Institutet SE-171 77 Stockholm Sweden  

Emilie Agardh

Director of Doctoral Education
K9 Department of Global Public Health