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About your position as a doctoral student at FyFa, your salary, and social benefits you may receive.


A doctoral studentship ('doktorandtjänst') means a full employment, with a proper salary and full social security if you get sick, go on parental leave, etc.

Additional information can be found at Employment as a doctoral student at KI.


Salaries for doctoral students are usually regulated in local collective agreements on the university level through what are called doctoral student ladder ('doktorandstege').

A doctoral student with a studentship ('doktorandtjänst') will get a salary according to the doctoral student ladder as defined in the Quick reference guide - Doctoral students.

For more information on salaries, please contact the HR unit at FyFa.

Sick leave, parental leave

Students with doctoral studentships ('doktorandtjänst') are fully covered by social security for sick leave, parental leave etc during their studies.

For doctoral students financed by external scholarships the department signs an insurance contract at Kammarkollegiet covering sickness and parental leave.

For more information on social benefits, and what applies to you, please contact the HR unit at FyFa.


Doctoral students at KI have a so called standard vacation (”schablonsemester”). Read more about vacation and other leaves as a doctoral student, or contact the HR unit at FyFa.

HR unit at FyFa

Rebecka Jakobsson

HR administrator