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Microvascular physiology

Our research activities are focused on vascular and immune cell interactions in inflammation, and on signaling functions of specific gene products and metabolic factors in the regulation of immune cell trafficking and vessel wall function in the inflammatory process.

The inflammatory reaction constitutes the first line of defense against noxious stimuli, and represents the initial phase in the healing process following tissue injury. Adaptation of vascular function at the microcirculatory level and recruitment of circulating white blood cells are key factors in the protective immune response. However, inflammation may itself cause harm to the host and result in tissue damage and organ dysfunction. A misdirected or inappropriately triggered inflammatory response underlies many of our common diseases like allergy/asthma, atherosclerosis, and autoimmune diseases, in which situations activation of circulating leukocytes and dysregulation of vascular function are considered to play central roles in the disease development.

Group members

Lennart LindbomProfessor
Erik LundebergDoktorand
Joel RasmusonDoktorand


Through a multidisciplinary methodological approach we aim at advancing our understanding of mechanisms regulating leukocyte recruitment and endothelial barrier function in inflammation, and to explore potential new targets for intervention in inflammatory disease processes.

Our laboratory hosts intravital microscopy and whole-organ animal models enabling detailed characterization of dynamic vascular and immune cell responses in living tissue; confocal microscopy and FACS-analysis for detection of signal transduction events; cell culture methodology and migration assays for analysis of cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions.

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