Group members

Analyses of primary human tumors

Open positions

  • 1 open PhD student position.
  • 2 open Master thesis postitions.


  • Andre L Queiroz, Cornell University, NYC, USA.
  • Yiwei Ai, MD, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA.
  • Alex Jaot, Horizon Discovery, Cambridge, UK.
  • Dawn E. Comstock, MD-Ph.D, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA.
  • Wirood Aldjezani, MSc. thesis, ’Lung Cancer Metabolism and its Integration in Responsiveness to Treatment ’.
  • Dominique Smith, MSc. thesis, ’Investigation of the Metabolism in Cancer Cells Harbouring Different p53 Mutations‘. University of California, San Francisco, CA, USA.


Erik Norberg

Principal researcher
Cellular metabolism
C3 Department of Physiology and Pharmacology