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FyFa Articles, Events, News

Past articles, events and news from the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, listed by year.


2019-04-16 Genetic analysis can provide better dosage of antipsychotic drugs
2019-03-28 Export of Nitric Oxide bioactivity from the red blood cell
2019-03-05 Molecular puzzle reveals unknown stages of fetal development
2019-02-27 New mechanism of bone growth discovered
2019-02-08 New insight into cell receptors opens the way for tailored cancer drugs
2019-02-04 Treatable mechanism identified in patients with schizophrenia
2019-01-22 Research projects with gender perspective receive MSEK 16.6
2019-01-10 Expanding the understanding of polycystic ovary syndrome


2018-12-19 Juleen Zierath, one of two researchers awarded the Nordic Medicine Prize for her extensive research on diabetes
2018-12-17 Green leafy vegetables may prevent liver steatosis
2018-12-04 New possible target for treating major common diseases
2018-11-05 Two prestigious awards to KI researchers at the 17th IBEC held in Beijing, China.
2018-10-12 Elisabet Stener-Victorin new professor at Karolinska Institutet
2018-10-03 Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg awarded BCPT Nordic Prize 2018
2018-09-20 Professor Juleen R. Zierath awarded the Annual Review Prize Lecture at Europhysiology 2018
2018-09-18 Use of muscle relaxant during general anaesthesia increases risk of pulmonary complications
2018-09-05 Laura Fratiglioni, Håkan Eriksson and Bertil Fredholm awarded Karolinska Institutet’s Grand Silver Medal
2018-07-24 Dogma shift in receptor pharmacology – deeper understanding of Frizzleds as pharmacological targets
2018-05-31 Daniel C. Andersson recipient of the Harald and Greta Jeansson Foundation Research Award 2018
2018-03-22 New study elucidates link between PCOS and anxiety
2018-03-08 Variant ribosomal RNA alleles are conserved and exhibit tissue-specific expression
2018-03-08 SRP Diabetes seminar with Antonio Vidal-Puig
2018-02-06 How exercise training promotes a sound mind in a sound body
2018-01-12 Genetic analysis can improve depression therapy
2018-01-22 Two KI researchers accepted Wallenberg Clinical Fellows
2018-01-17 Jorge Ruas recipient of The Leif C. Groop award for outstanding diabetes research


2017-12-19 Jessica Norrbom and Maria Ahlsén at Karolinska Institutet's Book Fair
2017-12-15 Doctoral thesis defence: Leonidas Lundell
2017-12-15 Doctoral thesis defence: Vibeke Moen
2017-12-14 Gunnar Schulte and Vitezslav Bryja guest editors for the British Journal of Pharmacology Special Issue
2017-12-08 Doctoral thesis defence: Romina Fornes
2017-12-04 Igor Adameyko receives the Hans Wigzells Research Foundation Science Prize
2017-11-22 A possible mechanism of action of ketamine in the treatment of depression
2017-11-15 3 researchers from FyFa receive grants from the Swedish Cancer Society
2017-11-13 Stefano Gastaldello nominated to two new academic positions
2017-11-02 Elisabet Stener-Victorin new Professor in Reproductive Physiology at FyFa
2017-10-18 Mattias Carlström receives SEK 6 million grant from the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation
2017-10-17 In memory of Professor Lars E. Gustafsson
2017-08-09 Receptor dynamics provide new potential for pharmaceutical developments
2017-08-09 Hormone from fat tissue can give protection against PCOS
2017-06-27 Acupuncture does not increase fertility in women with PCOS
2017-06-19 Volker Lauschke awarded the 2017 Malin and Lennart Philipson prize
2017-05-03 Hello, Stefan Eriksson, KI's new Vice-Dean of Infrastructure!
2017-04-18 Five KI researchers among the most cited in the world
2017-04-17 Electroacupuncture may improve regulation of blood sugar in overweight and obese women
2017-03-24 ERC Advanced Grant to three researchers at Karolinska Institutet
2017-03-14 Major research project provides new clues to schizophrenia
2017-03-09 Grant to research on muscle paralysis from the Erling-Persson Family Foundation
2017-03-09 Bilateral tinnitus can be hereditary
2017-02-07 Chemical switch may help decrease crucial symptoms of Schizophrenia
2017-01-31 Five young KI researchers to receive SSMF’s major grants for 2016
2017-01-26 KI to collaborate with the Swedish Olympic Committee
2017-01-17 Four projects granted funding for innovative research


2016-11-29 Enzyme research provides a new picture of depression
2016-11-07 New study on infant surgery
2016-10-14 KI researchers congratulate Bob Dylan on the Nobel Prize
2016-09-23 Multifaceted genetic impact of training
2016-08-09 How a particular gene protects against aggressive breast cancer
2016-08-02 Reduced activity of an important enzyme identified among suicidal patients


2015-11-03 Learning more about the link between PCOS and mental health
2015-11-03 High-intensity exercise changes how muscle cells manage calcium


2014-12-09 Long-term endurance training impacts muscle epigenetics
2014-09-30 Major differences in gene activity in skeletal muscle of women and men
2014-09-26 How physical exercise protects the brain from stress-induced depression
2014-06-13 Unexpected origin for important parts of the nervous system
2014-05-09 New findings explain why we stop growing at one point
2014-05-07 Harriet Wallberg receives Japanese decoration
2014-02-27 New discovery paves the way for medicine for people with hearing disabilities