Teaching as part of doctoral studies

The departmental policy is that during the time spent at the department, the doctoral student should attain good general knowledge in physiology and/or pharmacology and develop his/her communication skills, all of which are important for future scientific activities.

FyFa organizes seminars in physiology and pharmacology for PhD students. The purpose of the seminars if for PhD students to gain deeper knowledge in the topics before meeting students during various teaching activities. The PhD students will accumulate “Journal Club”-points for attending these seminars.

Clinical PhD students employed by the Stockholms Läns Landsting will attain their knowledge in physiology and/or pharmacology as well as in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine by clinical work and teaching activities. The latter includes teaching medical students during their clinical positions as well as educating nurses and other health workers. This involves lectures, seminars, clinical tutoring and examinations.

PhD students can contact our Directors of Studies, Ellinor Kenne, Duarte Ferreira and Kent Jardemark, for further information about FyFa’s courses for undergraduate students.

Teaching activities:

  • teaching at different undergraduate programs or freestanding courses at FyFa
  • pre-labs
  • pre-seminars
  • written exams as invigilators

“The Chairman and the Management group at FyFa have decided that it is not mandatory for the PhD students to participate in teaching at FyFa from March 1, 2020.

Of course, the PhD students are welcome to teach!

  • You will get 4.5 points for 120 hours teaching in LADOK.
  • You will get a certificate for future employments.
  • You will get a chance to give presentations.
  • The teaching will also imply governmental funding to the research group according to the activity model at FyFa”

Undergraduate courses offered at FyFa

There are two different kinds of courses offered at the department:

  • courses that form part of a study programme
  • freestanding courses
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