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Basic and Clinical Muscle Biology - Collaborations

The Basic and Clinical Muscle Biology research group has a number of national and international collaborations.

National collaborations

  • Prof. E. Bengtsson, Imaging Center, UU
  • Prof. J. Berqvist, UU
  • Assoc. Prof. Jorge Ruas, KI
  • Prof. Lars I. Eriksson, KI
  • Prof. Anders Arner, KI (scaling-related differences in myofilament lattice spacing in single muscle fibers)
  • Prof. A. Oldfors, Assoc. Prof. H. Tajshargi, Gothenburg. Univ, (porcine experimental ICU model)
  • Prof. A. Månsson, S Tågerud, Linné Univ, Kalmar (myofibrillar protein modifications in acquired and hereditary myopajhies, diaphragm muscle dysfunction)
  • Prof. Eddie Weitzberg, KI (rat ICU model)
  • Prof. B.-M., Bellander (ICU muscle wasting and pharmacological interventions).
  • Dr.Nelson (ICU patient muscle wasting)
  • Prof. J. Linnros (biomarkers)
  • Prof. J. Yachin (cancer cachexia)

International collaborations

  • Prof. W. Linke, Münster Univ (effects of upper motor neuron lesion of skeletal muscle structure and function)
  • Prof. M. Gautel, King´s College, UK (intracellular signaling in AQM, patients and experimental models, ICU-cardiomyopathy)
  • Prof. G. van der Berge, Leuven Univ (myofibrillar protein expression in ICU patients)
  • Profs. H. Suominen, S. Sipilä, V. Kovanen, M. Korhonen Jyväskylä Univ. (aging-related changes in skeletal muscle structure and function)
  • Prof. J. Kirkland, Director Mayo Clinic Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging
  • Profs. J.-P. Jin, and B. Jena Wayne State Univ, (regulatory proteins and myofilament organization in the in vitro motility assay)
  • Prof. R.L. Moss, Univ of Wisc.-Madison (myosin binding protein C)
  • Prof. E.P. Hoffman (CIM research in rodent and porcine ICU models)
  • Dr. P. Gregorevic, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne (microRNA expression in different muscle wasting models)
  • Prof. N. Yagi, Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute, SPring-8, (myosin-actin structural analyses)
  • Prof. P.O. Hasselgren, Harvard Medical School (effects of sepsis on regulation of muscle contraction and myofibrillar protein expression)
  • Prof D. Gutridge, Ohio State University (cancer cacahexia, ICU muscle wasting)
  • Prof. W. Thompson, Texas A&M (neuromuscular junction in the ExICU model)
  • Prof. Oliver Friedrich, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy, organization of myosin filaments in single muscle fibers)
  • Profs. M. Sandri, R. Sartori Padova University (myofibrillar protein degradation pathways)
  • Prof. L. Salviati, Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine (mitochondrial biogenesis)
  • Prof. R. Alfano, City College of New York, (Raman spectroscopy)