The students' NeurotechEU

One of the aims of NeurotechEU is to provide a broad multidisciplinary education and ultimately create possibilities for a personalized curriculum.

Sweden and KI have a long tradition of including students in decision making and KI has been a driving force in establishing student representation on all levels within NeurotechEU.

Student's Council

The Neurotech EU Student Council is composed of elected representatives from all eight partner universities. The student council nominates representatives to all work packages and to the Board of Governors.

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A survey on NeurotechEU students' needs

The vision and the mission of NeurotechEU centers around establishing a European, multidisciplinary higher education as its top priority.  As a result, NeurotechEU  graduates will be well equipped to continue their careers in any related field, from medicine and engineering to social sciences and economy. 

The path to achieve this goal requires a better understanding the wishes of students and to design NeurotechEU programmes accordingly. To gain an insight,  a questionnaire was distributed and 3514 students responded.

What do NeurotechEU students want?

  • 90% of the responding students consider it important to have an experience abroad.
  • 91% agree that automatic recognition of academic qualifications and learning periods abroad would be useful. 
  • 93% think that it would be useful to create EU degrees delivered by networks of European universities, offering students the chance to study in different EU countries, with a flexible choice of courses or modules offered within the network.
  • 97% of the respondents agree that it would be useful to give students the chance to work on innovative projects alongside academics, researchers and companies from different companies. They would also welcome more opportunities to study and work together across disciplines and departments.
  • At least 9 in 10 (90%) responding students think that a range of services provided by a European Student Card would be useful
  • One third of all respondents declare themselves unable to study in more than one language. Yet 77% say they would like to learn a new language, while 84% would like to improve the knowledge of a foreign language they have previously learnt.


Would you like to know more or get involved as a student representative in NeurotechEU feel free to contact:

Liv Törner Monsenego

Julia Spielbauer

Abishek Arora

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