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The "KI of Today" - A Film Project for KI Alumni in China

Calling all current KI students from China

Following the widely-attended KI Alumni China global chapter launch event on 22 January 2018....

It's time to celebrate the KI Alumni China global chapter - this time in China.

Read on to see how you as a current student can be part of the event, even from Stockholm.

About the "KI of Today" film project

To complement the October 2018 launch event programmes, we are searching film-savvy students to make short video clips featuring the "KI of Today" with our alumni in China. We are searching current KI students who can make a 30 second video with a smartphone and:

  • Introduce themselves as “Future KI Alumni”
  • Highlight a new feature on campus for our alumni in China.

Could you be a film star?

  • Are you a current student from China?
  • Are you good on camera?
  • Do you want to share a new development at KI with our alumni?
  • Are you creative and can show the KI of Today in 30 seconds?

How to make your film

What to say in your 30 sec video:

1) A bit about you - Name, Where you come from in China (optional), Program at KI

2) Facts about something NEW at KI in the last 10 years, such as: A new program, A new building, A new student initiative - something that our alumni may not have seen or known when they graduated.

An example: “Hej, this is me, (name). I come from (city in China), and I am studying (program/department) at KI. I’m standing inside of the new biomedicum research building, which was completed in the spring of this year. Biomedicum will house XX number of research labs and the open environment is designed to foster collaboration between different groups and departments of KI”.


To be submit your video, please send your video file with QQ mail before 21 September 2018:

Best tips for a great video

Acceptable filming equipment includes both cameras and mobile phones. Follow these tips to ensure that the video and sound quality is sufficient.

  • Shoot angle: Landscape. Horizontal. Widescreen angle.
  • Video size: Default setting 1080p 30/s (60/s ok if you have space)
  • Make sure you have at least 3GB of free space
  • iPhone: go to settings>camera>record video>1080p 30/s
  • Keep steady: Hold the camera very steady with your arm extended. That position will show some of the all-important background.
  • Keep your eye on the lens: Turn the flip-out screen around so you can see what’s in the frame. Do not wear sunglasses.
  • Background: Choose a calm, tidy location with no background noise. Good lighting is a must.
  • Length: Aim for 30 seconds. Keep your videos short and sweet. Planning ahead of time will save you time with do-overs.
  • Audience: Your audience will be KI alumni and friends in China. Practice first and smile!

About the KI Alumni China global chapter events - October 2018

At the start of 2018, Karolinska Institutet was proud to officially recognize the first global alumni chapter, KI Alumni China, with a campus reception on 22 January in Aula Medica, Campus Solna. Now in October, all KI Alumni and friends are invited to celebrate the alumni chapter launch at several local events in China. The event is co-organized by the KI Alumni China board members and the KI Alumni Relations Office.

Read more about the receptions under Upcoming Events.

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