Sustainability and dissemination in NeurotechEU

The Hungarian university Debreceni Egyetem is coordinating the eighth work package (WP8) in NeurotechEU. KI is represented by Ylva Olsson.

To ensure long-term sustainability, the alliance will exploit the complementary competencies of its members while creating synergy through education, research, innovation, staff exchange and transfer of knowledge. This unique identity will benefit all parties and ensure the continued invested involvement of the entire alliance for the long-term success of the NeurotechEU.

Thanks to its think-tank (WP3:Neurotech 2040), the alliance will have the necessary blue-print to take the requisite actions, to foresee and react to the changing needs of the students, society, and economy for many decades.

The alliance will actively convey this strategy and its outcomes by creating a NeurotechEU community which will also be fully integrated into the European Neurotech ecosystem, through its affiliates.

Focusing on the young generations

Specifically targeting the last three (X, Y, Z) generations, the alliance will perform cross-generational knowledge dissemination going beyond the traditional university education. Distance learning, massive open online courses (MOOC), summer schools, certificate programs, workshops, conferences will facilitate professional development, new skill acquisition and career advancement in research, innovation, and commercialization for all segments of the society promoting life-long learning, improving the work-force and redressing inequalities.

Activities of WP8

  1. Take the lead role in exploring new funding opportunities for the continued structural support of the NeurotechEU,
  2. Outline and implement the Communication Plan of the alliance to ensure efficient, successful, transparent communication throughout the organizational structures, as well as with the European Commission, European Universities and public,
  3. Create, build and maintain the “NeurotechEU community“ and integrate it with the European Neurotech ecosystem,
  4. Set up community open days in participating universities to promote awareness, disseminate knowledge, and bring the University to the public.

KI's contribution to WP8

Within the alliance there are many different cultural aspects of collaboration and communication. The work package has a challenging task of creating a NeurotechEU community and reaching a common understanding of what this is will be a  interesting learning process.

In any project communication is key, and especially in a grand project like NeurotechEU. Good och targeted communication will make people feel informed, involved and engaged!

Emma Hägg

Contact KI´s representatives

Ylva Olsson

KI representative WP8 NeurotechEU/Project manager

Also engaged in the local KI WP8 team is Emma Hägg

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Emma Hägg