Students as partners when internationalising the curriculum

It is important to select the right groups of people to engage with the Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC) process as efficiently as possible. Students are truly partners in the process.


By involving students as partners in the IoC process, you will ensure the curriculum reflects their ideals and expectations. Students are our greatest resource! The students' perspective and feedback allow us to understand their needs and develop tools to create a better learning environment for them.  

Toolkits for students on Canvas:  

GO! For students (Link will be added when the resource is finalised). A toolkit for students to get tips and tricks for a more inspirational, empowering and effective learning experience  and for greater wellbeing, in the age of digitalisation. 

Intercultural competence development workshop (KI-ID required) This course is a great opportunity for students to learn about and gain insight from the different ways of thinking and doing healthcare and medicine in different parts of the world. Through peer-to-peer activities, students practise the recommendations for becoming increasingly interculturally competent, so that you can all learn from each other and take these lessons into their future lives and careers.