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Steering group KI - MSD

The KI-MSD collaboration includes a joint steering group that decides which projects are to be included and which clinical studies can be considered.

The agreement sets the framework for a close collaboration in which researchers from both sides work together without imposing any limits on the scope of the research in advance. Investment decisions for the remainder of the collaboration will be taken continuously by the steering group, which comprises representatives from KI and MSD.

Contact for researchers at KI

Juan Jesús Carrero-Roig, Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, KI.

Contact for stakeholders at MSD

Stina Salomonsson, European manager for RWE and for the collaboration with KI.

Other members of the steering group

Richard Cowburn, PhD, project manager, KI.

Johan Askling, professor at the Department of Medicine, KI (Solna) and senior physician at Karolinska University Hospital.

Tomas Jernberg, professor at the Department of Clinical Science, KI and senior physician at Danderyd Hospital.

Erik Dasbach, PhD, MS, Center for Observational and Real-world Evidence (CORE), Merck and Co. Inc.

Don Yin, PhD, Vice President, Economic and Data Sciences, CORE - Merck and Co. Inc.

Saolomon lyasu, MD, MPH Vice President and Head of Pharmacoepidemiology at Merck and Co. Inc.