Quality control and assurance in NeurotechEU

The second work package (WP2) is focused on quality control and quality assurance and coordinated by Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche. KI's representative in the work package is Anna Kiessling.

The performance of NeurotechEU and its results will be measured based on structured Qualitative and Quantitative Quality Reviews (Q3R) carried out by a team of impartial educators, researchers and experts across sectors, in line with the policies established in the Neurotech Education and Research Quality (NERQ) Compendium. This handbook will be clear, transparent and specific about the indicators that are being assessed and aligned with the procedures as set out by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG).

Activities in WP2

  1. Establishing, implementing and revising the NERQ Compendium,
  2. Assessment of the Neurotech activities,
  3. Ensuring quality assurance in deliverables,
  4. Evaluation and implementation of improvements in quality criteria as outlined in Q3R

KI's contribution to WP2

By participating in NeuotechEU KI will get an overview of partner universities' work with quality assurance and can also be an active player and influence the process in the project.

Contact KI's representative

Anna Kiessling

KI representative in WP2 NeurotechEU

Also engaged in the local KI WP2 team is Magnus Johansson.

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Emma Hägg