Neurotech2040 - the think-tank of NeurotechEU

The third work package (WP3) of NeurotechEU is visionary and forward looking and coordinated by Karolinska Institutet. KI representative and managing the package is Joana Pereira.

The third work package consists of representatives from full partners, associates, and affiliates that will work in various task forces, each one focusing on a neurochallenge.

Six focus groups

The task forces will be coordinated in six focus groups:

  1. health & healthcare
  2. learning & education
  3. food & cognition
  4. biological & artificial intelligence
  5. neurotechnology & big data
  6. public & politics

This forward-looking think-thank will device evidence-based and penetrating educational frameworks to address neurochallenges. It will imagine the world and societal needs in 2040 to design the NeurotechEU programmes and innovative action plans that will maximize the benefits of the developed technologies and interventions for the European economy and society at large.

Activities of WP3

  1. Organizing focus groups focusing on neurochallenges,
  2. Mapping the current state of the knowledge with the desired end-points in technological developments,
  3. Creating a roadmap to reach the desired end-points, revise targets based on the developments in the field, the alliance and the society,
  4. Future-proofing NeurotechEU's educational, research and innovation programmes

Contact KI's representative

Joana Pereira

KIs representative in WP3 NeurotechEU

Also engaged in the local KI WP3 team are Robert Harris, Julia SpielbauerMaria Olsson and Ylva Olsson.

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