Neurochallenges in technological innovation

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi in Turky coordinates the fifth work package (WP5) in the NeurotechEU project and focuses on innovation and technology. Daniel Lundqvist is KI's representative in WP5.

Brain research is already providing solutions for society at large, whether the challenge is the translation of fundamental research to advance the state of the art in prevention, diagnosis or treatment of brain disorders or explaining the complex interactions between the brain(s), individuals and their environments to design novel practices in cities, schools, hospitals, or companies. To continue solving everevolving problems rooted in society’s neurochallenges, NeurotechEU will build innovation highways inspired by brain research and promoting technological developments.

Forming a close-knit community for a trans-European network of excellence in brain research and technologies, NeurotechEU will provide the necessary expertise to cross the boundaries of education, research and technological innovations.

Activities in WP5

  1. Identifying neurochallenges that technological innovations can help solve in the foreseeable future,
  2. Bring together the key stakeholders across sectors, including European Universities, to kindle innovation,
  3. Design, implement and distribute future-proof neurotechnologies,
  4. Help usher systematic removal of the remaining barriers between academy and industry, to facilitate professionalization among trainees and promote innovation in the society.

KI can gain knowledge about...

  • EU-wide education and innovation in areas where KI/KS has important ongoing or emerging activities in the borderland academy/clinic/industry
  • New innovation-promoting collaborations in education, academic or clinical applications.

Contact KI's representative


Mathew Abrams

KIs representative in WP5 NeurotechEU

Also engaged in the local KI WP5 team are Kostantios Meletis, Maria Olsson and Ylva Olsson.

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