Neurochallenges in societal innovation

Susanne Guidetti represents KI in sixth work package (WP6) in NeurotechEU. WP6 is coordinated by Oxford University.

The technological innovation in NeurotechEU will necessitate societal innovation for community building, (societal) preparedness and adoption of new technologies to solve society’s challenges. It will inspire new and emerging fields at the intersection of Neurotechnology and humanities, economy, politics.

Neurophilosophy, Neuroethics, Neurolaw will be the backbones for implementation of the advances in the field to help address societal challenges.

Societal innovation for a sustainable society

Brain inspired solutions for health & healthcare, learning & education, food & cognition, biological & artificial intelligence, neurotechnology & big data, public & politics will penetrate all aspects of daily life, encourage and stimulate societal innovation towards a sustainable society.

Activities in WP6

  1. Creation of Societal Innovation hubs by bringing together the relevant segments of the society, the European Neurotech ecosystem, and NeurotechEU,
  2. Identification of societal neurochallenges for which Neurotechnology could provide practical solutions,
  3. Promoting the adoption of new technologies by educating the society and community building,
  4. Creation of new degree programs at the intersection of Neuroscience, Technology and alpha sciences.

Proposed framework 

  • Identifying Societal challenges and make comparisons between the participating countries in societal responses to these challenges
  • Promoting new technologies so people feel happy to use them
  • Creation of societal innovations hubs
  • Creating Courses (or updating existing courses)

KI's contribution to WP6

There will be geographic, lingvistic and cultural challenges as many partners in NeurotechEU have other outreach traditions than KI. As the aim is to understand the cultural differences that influence how our citizens engage with new neurotechnologies. we will learn and share from eachother in order to improve outcomes for European citizens.

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Susanne Guidetti

KI representative WP6 NeurotechEU

Also engaged in the local WP6 team is Maria Olsson.

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