Neurochallenges in education and research

The fourth work package (WP4) in NeurotechEU is coordinated by University of Bonn and focuses on education and research. The KI representative in the work package is Ola Hermanson.

The challenges of Europe are continually evolving. To help solve them and maximize human potential across the lifespan, NeurotechEU will educate pioneering and resourceful students, researchers, scientists, and engineers who will also be well trained in the broader European implications of scientific advances for society and economy.

Multidiciplinary and seamless

This will be achieved by facilitating blended multidisciplinary education and ensuring seamless inter-institutional, intersectoral and international mobility for students, research and staff to study, train, teach, do research, and innovate.

Flexible curricula tailored to each student’s needs will not be constrained by institutional capabilities or borders and will promote interdisciplinary and intersectoral training. Creating synergy among educational, research oriented, and industrial partners for a long-term sustainable, clear-sighted, and actionable strategy in Brain & Technology, NeurotechEU will increase the competitiveness of European education, research, economy, and society.

Activities in WP4

  1. Designing and implementing an open-source, scalable digital platform to provide blended learning for all,
  2. Building the NeurotechEU Campus+ to train students towards their University degree,
  3. Establishing the NeurotechEU Graduate School to train postgraduate (MSc and PhD) students and promote professionalization in an intersectoral setting,
  4. Implementing the NeurotechEU life-long learning program for the broadest segment in society to attract new talent and redress the educational inequalities among individuals.

KI will participate and contribute to these activities based on our extensive and world-renowned experience of education in neuroscience.

Subgroups (Subtopics)

  • Campus+
  • Online series on Current Methods in Neurotechnology
  • Summer School
  • Mobility, Exchange and Credit Transfer
  • Pedagogy

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Ola Hermanson

KI representative WP4 NeurotechEU
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