Networking receptions reunite KI’s alumni in China

Now connecting over 300 members, the rapid growth of the KI Alumni group on the Chinese networking platform WeChat reflects the valued connection of KI’s former students and researchers from China. Recent reunion events held in China brought alumni network members together for professional and social exchange.

Alumni Events in China 2019
Alumni Claire Ye and Merlin Hu question alumni speaker Professor Shao in Shenzhen.

“Some of us haven’t met since graduation” comments Ivy Zhiqin Lao (Public Health ’10), a board member of KI’s Alumni China Chapter based in Shenzhen. “The alumni appreciate these events since they provide an ideal opportunity to regain connection, meet new alumni, and share experiences.”

Shanghai-based Alumni Ambassador Claire Ye ‘10, with support from Ivy and board members, Can Chen (10’, Beijing) and Merlin Hu (11’, Shenzhen) work as local contact points for the alumni network, managing the WeChat group, and connecting alumni for regional activities.

KI alumni event in southern China for the first time

On Oct. 26, the first alumni reception in the city of Shenzhen, southern China gathered nearly 50 alumni and friends from Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. Among the guests were many senior alumni based in Guangzhou who graduated from KI in the 1990’s. Invited alumni speaker Professor Jianyong Shao captivated the crowd of nearly 50 guests by sharing photos and memories of old from his PhD studies with Professor Ingemar Ernberg. Successful reprise events were also held in Beijing on 19 October, at the Sino-Swedish Innovation Center, and in central Shanghai on 23 October, at the Jiahui Health Wellness center. Over 100 alumni attended at least one of the events.

The events were held in conjunction with recruitment activities for the KI-China Scholarship Council (CSC) programme. Nailin Li, Academic coordinator to China, has participated in the CSC Fairs during last five years to represent KI at education fairs. “KI Alumni China Network has been a helpful channel to circulate the recruitment information of KI-CSC programme among Chinese universities, and our alumni have been helping to recommend and interview the candidates of CSC students”, said Nailin.

Alumni events in China 2019
Senior alumni reunite in Shenzhen

Alumni relations support KI's internationalization goals

To be a global university is one of three key overarching aims of KI’s new Strategy 2030. A positive step forward, KI recently received a strategy grant from STINT (the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education) to develop an integrated and innovative KI-China collaboration platform. This grant supports facilitation activities of KI-China collaboration, including alumni networking activities. Today, KI’s alumni in China work in China’s top universities, governmental institutions, health care organizations, and pharma/biotech. Building and fostering contact through alumni networks is an important tool to connect alumni back to KI, and pave the way for future possibilities in educational, research, and innovation exchanges.

Global Chapter establishment

KI’s alumni office formally established the first global alumni network, KI Alumni China chapter in 2018, and celebrated with launch events on Solna campus and in China. Megan Osler, head of the alumni office, has supported the alumni board in China.

Alumni in Shenzhen China 2019
Alumni in Shenzhen, China 2019