National study on gender-based violence in academia - Support

Answering questions on sexual harassment may trigger difficult memories or experiences. The respondent may also be in a situation of ongoing exposure when they respond to the questionnaire. This page contains information and links to organisations to turn to for support.

Should a respondent feel uncomfortable answering the questionnaire, information on support organisations both within and outside academia will also be provided in the study’s covering letter. The possibility to contact the researchers involved in the project will also be offered.

The support structures available vary to some degree depending on the higher education institution. In accordance with the requirements of the Discrimination Act, employers and education providers shall work to prevent sexual harassment and investigate suspected cases without delay. Usually, student health, occupational health services, and HR departments offer various types of support and rehabilitation for students and employees. It is also possible to contact health and safety representatives, equal opportunities representatives, or trade-union representatives.

Support organisations

The Equality Ombudsman (DO)

The website contains a lot of information on discrimination, violations, and harassment, as well as on how higher education institutions are required to work to create a good work and study environment free of harassment.

Sweden’s National Women’s Helpline (Kvinnofridslinjen)

A national helpline for individuals who have been subjected to physical, psychological, and sexual violence. Friends or colleagues are also welcome to call.


A non-profit organization that provides support and advice to those who have been sexually abused, their relatives and those who through their work encounter sexual abuse.


A national helpline for those who feel they have lost control of their sexual behavior, who are perhaps worried about their thoughts and actions, or who are afraid they might hurt themselves or someone else.