National study on gender-based violence in academia - Access to results

In spring of 2022, the Research and Collaboration Programme will present a report with analyses on a higher education sector level. The report will be made freely available.

The higher education institutions are offered access to each respective institution’s data in table form by ordering them from SCB, preliminarily in September/October 2021. Data breakdown for individual higher education institutions will depend on, inter alia, the institutions’ size and response rate.

The Research and Collaboration Programme’s ambition is to disseminate the result in the form of

  • a report with analyses on a multidisciplinary level
  • shorter summarized results with graphs available online
  • a general presentation (or equivalent) with results that can be used internally regardless of higher education institution/level/subject
  • scientific articles

The Research and Collaboration Programme will also disseminate the results at national and international conferences and at our own events, e.g. regional workshops, via existing networks and aimed at specific target groups. More information will continuously be provided in the programme’s newsletter (in Swedish), which is issued regularly.


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